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  • This training course more than exceeded my expectation. Not  only have I learnt a lot about tendering for contract and procurement, the delivery method was easy to follow and the depth of knowledge gained was tremendous. Thanks a lot .


    Bluebell Therapies

    • This strategic business planning course is one of the best course I have attended, very useful. Excellent  course, well delivered, easy to follow. Highly recommended.

      Carl Barber & Lee Smith

      Wulvern Housing

Business Support Services Upcoming Courses

  • Project Proposal Writing Serie ...

    Start Date:May 26 2016 ID: 62

    This is a four part series to help you write proposals effectively

  • Marketing Strategies For Chari ...

    Start Date:May 27 2016 ID: 62

    .To learn how to use strategic marketing tools to assess the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy; and craft robust marketing strategy to grow your income

  • Managing-Projects-Risks-To-Sec ...

    Start Date:May 27 2016 ID: 62

    This course is designed for any staff who has responsibilities for planning and managing projects and in need of financial skills to effectively determine budgets, identify risks and produce management strategies to reduce project failure. You will learn how to conduct financial planning and eval....

  • Project Budgeting and Risk Man ...

    Start Date:May 31 2016 ID: 62

    This course is designed for any staff who has responsibilities for planning and managing projects and in need of financial skills to effectively determine budgets, identify risks and produce management strategies to reduce project failure. You will learn how to conduct financial planning and eva....

    Duration:10.00am - 14.30 pm
  • Managing Risks- Subcontractor ...

    Start Date:June 01 2016 ID: 62

    If you are a lead partner in a consortium or joint venture arrangement you need to attend this course to learn how to manage sub-contractors' as part of your contract management strategies. As a lead contractor, your organisation is exposed to the performance of your delivery partners and yo....

  • Funding Strategies For Financi ...

    Start Date:June 08 2016 ID: 62

    This course is designed to provide small charities with the skills to develop their funding strategies to attain financial independence. The course will give small charities access to over 2500 foundations and trusts from whom they can begin the process of building capacity to fundraise utilising ....

    Duration:13.00 pm - 14.15 pm
  • Project Outcomes and Impact Me ...

    Start Date:June 09 2016 ID: 62

    This course is designed to teach you how to define and measure your project's outputs, outcomes and impacts in order to develop a robust project management framework. You will learn how to design your project monitoring framework following best practice principles, using cutting edge techniques . ....

    Duration:10.00am - 11.30am
  • Project Outcomes and Impacts A ...

    Start Date:June 09 2016 ID: 62

    Please read this carefully This course is part of our 'Project Monitoring and Evaluation Course' online. This segment of the course covers 'Project Monitoring- Outcomes and Impacts Assessment'. The 'Project Evaluation Course', which is separate to this class covers 'Project Evaluation Tech....

  • Tender Writing Course Online ...

    Start Date:June 14 2016 ID: 62

    Gain immediate access to your online training course in which a tutor teaches the subject matter in a fun and interesting manner.You will be sent access information to your training materials via email; This course teaches you the foundation for successful contract bidding, as well as where t.... am
  • Tendering For Public Sector Co ...

    Start Date:June 14 2016 ID: 62

    This workshop will help participants: Sell effectively  to  local authorities and  other  public sector buyers Improve your bidding success rate  learning how to become fit to supply and  write effective bids Confidently source sub-....

    Duration:10.00am - 14.30pm


We offer  a wide range of business support services in:

1. Business Planning Services For Funding And Growth including Business Planning For The Not For Profit Sector (Training And Consulting)

2. Funding Application Writing And Financial Consultancy including Funding Strategies For Sustainability for the Not For Profit Sector (Training & Consulting)

3. Business Plan & Funding Application Reviews

4. Business Plan Coaching; Business Start-up Coaching

5. Business Management Courses Online and Fundraising Courses Online (Financial Focus)

6. In-House Training & Workshops in Proposal Writing, Project Planning and Development, Project Evaluation, Project Budgeting and Risk Management, Project Outcomes and Impact Assessment, Grant Writing Skills For Proposals, Tendering For Public Sector Contracts Bid Writing Skills, Marketing Strategies for the Not For Profit and Profit Sector, Charity Finance For Non Finance Managers, Budgeting Skills For Charities, Introduction To Management Training Courses, Starting A Business or Trading Activities for the not for profit sector.

7. Directory Of Grant Making Trusts and Foundations UK

8. Directory of Grant Giving Charitable Trusts and Foundations USA

Our courses comes  with  and without accredited qualifications.

 Our business support services  also includes  courses in leadership, business and operations management training courses, You will find our short courses include business planning, tendering for public sector contracts, finance for non finance managers,  business startup training and much more. 

We have different business support service packages. You will find them in our business development consultancy.

Popular Online Courses:

1. How To Write A Business Plan For Funding - This business planning course takes you through the complete steps of producing a professional business plan to access funding. You gain full access to the course for six months plus examples and templates.

2. How To Tender For Public Sector Contracts - This course gives you a complete training on everything you need to know about public sector contract opportunities plus full access to portals where you can register to bid for contracts. You gain immediate access to templates plus tools for writing effective bids.

3. How To Start A Business Successfully - This is a modular course with lots of videos and templates that you can use to learn the steps for successful start-up.

4. Budgeting Skills For Effective Fundraising & Non Financial Managers & Finance Management & Reporting Skills For Effective Fundraising &Non Financial Managers

5. Best Practice Procurement Course and Finance Skills For Buyers - Learn how to buy effectively and efficiently .

6. Introduction To Management - Learn basic management principles and techniques.

7. Developing Project Proposal For Effective Fundraising

8. Conducting Due Diligence For Effective Partnership Working

All our training courses can be delivered on-site for clients. Contact us to find out more about our short courses.


''Professional business management training courses and financial consultancy services online. Courses from financial consultancy, business reviews, business coaching, leadership, business management courses and much more. The best online. The best online business management courses '
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    Many businesses purport that their greatest asset is their staff. On the other side many claim that their greatest headache is their staff. Whatever camp you belong to, be rest ass ....

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    Best Practice Procurement

    How Procurement Training Can Boost Your Performance Procurement is one of the key departments in a business entity. For most small businesses and startups, the owner wears many ha ....

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    At a time when many small businesses are struggling to get more customers it is important that decision makers have a clear understanding of what it takes to improve their return ....

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    Stay Within Your Budget And Come Out Ahead

      Budget. It is a word most of us dread in our personal lives. Budgeting usually implies that something you want cannot be purchased when you want it. However, budgeting is a ....

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    What makes an effective specification in procurement Getting it right the first time in procurement is very important if value for money goals should be accomplished. Make ....

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