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Finally, Serious Reseller Will Have The Opportunity to Promote BSS Training Courses and Get Paid Handsomely At The Same Time. We Are Looking For A Small Select Group That Are Committed To Working With Us.

Will You Be One Of Them?

BSS Management Consultancy is looking to partner with training providers in the UK and outside the UK (Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya) to help penetrates its market and its partners are critical to this vision. We want to work with partner organisations and freelance trainers looking to increase their portfolio of training courses offered to their own clientele. Through our Reseller Package partners will leverage our expertise and resources to sell our  courses   to their clients and grow their business. As a partner you  will offer the courses of your choice to your clients at our normal fee, and pay us a discounted fee of up to 40% to deliver the course to them. In short, if the retail price of our course is �350, you can sell it to your client for say �300 and buy the course from us at 40% discount price of �210.

Our Reseller Package is strictly for organisations that we agree to work with and in general will be:

  • An established training organisation in the UK and outside the UK
  • A marketing company that sells training courses to corporate organisations

As part of our terms and conditions, we will offer organisations who wish to partner with us a discount of 40% on our normal fee, provided they meet the following minimum performance criteria:

  • A minimum of 10 students per workshop in our open programme, otherwise the discount rate is 25% per student.
  • For In-House Courses, we normally charge our client a minimum of  �2500  per day for up to 10 staff. Again you will pay 60% of the normal fee and charge your client �3000.
  • For non-UK partner delivering our course locally, you will need to contact us to agree a fee in advance, as well as a date as we need to factor additional costs of trainers travelling and accommodation in our fee.
  • For online courses partners will pay a discounted fee of 70% of the normal fee - that represents a total of 30% discount.  

All Partners should book and pay for a course sold no later than two weeks before the training course date.Our training policy is that full payment must be made before courses are delivered.

Our terms and conditions of services must apply to courses sold to your clients or such terms agreed with us in advance if you seek to vary ours. We will ask that you familiarise with our course terms and conditions on our website.

Where partners are from overseas market, we will arrange issue invitation letters for visa application for participants to attend the class in London or outside London, but we require a minimum of 10 participants to do so. Partners who fail to meet these minimum criteria will not qualify for the 40% discounted rate on our normal price. Such partners should be aware that their qualified discount on our normal fee will reduce to 25%.

If you would like to be part of the Reseller Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us at Click to contact, email at or telephone :08452264315and we will send you a partner pack for your review and signature.