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Business Start-up Coaching Services For Entrepreneurs

Business Startup Coaching -Turn Your Business Ideas Into A Viable Business ; We can coach you to start your own business for an agreed fixed monthly fee. To order resources all products are now displayed in our shop.

Sheila ElliottIf you are serious about starting your own business, follow me for just a few moments and I will show you how to enroll in our Business Start- up Coaching Programme. This is a programme limited to those who are serious about starting a business. In this programme, you will immediately access a step by step system to help you start a business you are passionate about, as well as create a vechicle for multiple sources of income. My team of Business Coach and Advisors are ready to assist you from the comfort of your home.

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

If you are you ready and willing to take the journey, you may become our next success story! Sounds too good to believe, I know, but many we are ready to coach you if  you are a ready for business.  You may have been thinking about starting a business but find it difficult to start because you do not have the right systems, knowledge or  confidence to start. You may have been wondering where to access affordable business start-up coaching and mentoring support that will give you all the tools you need for business startup and development, as well as  helping hands to  take you through the hoops from start to finish so that you can accomplish your dream business in the quickest time possible and without making costly mistakes that can quickly put you out of business before you start.

Our coaching programme is tailored made to suit your business ideas and  you may even qualify for a bursary if you are in the UK.  Investment in our coaching programme depends on  what you want assistance with and how much you already know. For that reason, we ask that when you contact us you provide us with as much information to help us assist you effectively.  For coaching to work effectively for clients, we recommend a minimum of six months commitment. In return for your investment, in  12 months or less you can build a business around your passion following our twelve steps system that we have used and now teaching others like yourself.  We will teach you how to use the twelve step system and  we will  share with you mistakes we made and how we rectified them and  you  will save yourself  tons of  money and time starting up your business. Your coach will check your progress on a monthly basis and see to it that you are taking steps to move your business ideas forward. Many entrepreneurs do not make progress with their business because this type of  coaching support is not readily available to them. You will learn how to create multiple sources of income selling products and services, as well as  quadruple the results of your business in less than 36months.  You will build your confidence fast as you learn all you need to know about starting a business.  If you are lethargic, feeling stuck and  confused, you need us to support you and help you with your business startup goals. This is not a get rich quick scheme which many are prone to fall for at their peril. This is serious business coaching services  that you will be proud off once you have gone through the correct steps and achieve the emotional, financial and spiritual development required for business success.

What's more, as part of this programme you will receive a free, one year domain, one month free hosting  service for your website , and access to reputable  wholesale directory with drop-shipping companies that will help you build an online business if that is what you want. You will learn all you need to know just by signing up for  our   coaching  programme and you will move faster than you will ever imagined.

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We are committed to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We work from the inside out because nothing happens on the outside without first happening on the inside. That is the secret of success and one that many shy away from at their peril.  Imagine if you could accomplish  a business that  complement your natural talents and passion. Imagine if you can have a coach that is supportive to your business and wants you to accomplish your goals. Imagine if you can go to bed at night knowing that you have someone to cheer you up when you feel less cheerful.  When it comes down to it, support of the type we offer entrepreneurs are very rare and expensive. However through our wealth of experiences and use of technology, we can offer you invaluable resources and hands on support with your business idea development, as well as all the anciliaries required to take your products to the market and start selling online and offline.

Take a look  below at some of the topics we will cover with you in a flexible manner depending on your specific needs. In short, it does not matter where you are at this stage, we will ensure your specific needs are met. 

Read What Just a Couple of Aspiring and New Entrepreneurs Are Saying...

Dear Sheila,

One thing that I admire about you and that is your integrity. I have met many so called coaches who perhaps do not have the integrity which I go by and it is so admirable to find someone who does. What I like about your talks are the frankness and spontaneity. I feel that it grips the audience and keep them fixed. Your book is a real surprise, well written and versed. I feel that I am reading a book by Steve Covey. I am a professional photographer and you are a joy to work with, listen to and read. Keep up the excellent work.

~Darren St Mart Photographer & Business Owner

Business Services Support provided us with an effective support in putting down the necessary requirement for a starter body care production company like us, and also with a continuous commitment to see the business through to its birth. Of particular importance is the advice and counseling for the business plan write-up, its requirement and the inspiration to think positively and confidence in every aspect of business and life. BSS works very professionally, taking us from the basic to the most difficult, and at each stage helping to break down the importance of each demands and making simple what planning a business requires. BSS is surely the main Business Consultant to Yess Essentials.

Dr. Yemi Shode; Yess Essentials Ltd

But Wait, It Gets Better.

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OnlineBusiness Startup School

Here are some of the topics we will cover with you
12 Steps Business Start-up Coaching  Programme (customised according to your needs)
Step 1
  • Exploring what it takes to start a business and your motive.
  • Take the entrepreneur indicator test and put in place a action plan for improvement.
  • Explore the foundation for business success. Reading Materials Include:
  • My Business Is My Business.
  • Think and Grow Rich.
  • Online student library with various free resources. Monthly online  tutorial with a qualified tutor who is also a business owner that will teach you the tricks of the trade and help you cover the ground work.
Step  2
    Discover how to generate, develop, and protect your business ideas.
  • Understand the foundation of creativity and innovation.
  • Exploring various tools for success, such as; meditation resources, visualisation resources, and affirmation resources.
  • Understand the importance of managing the mental, physical, and emotional faculties for success in business.
  • Put together your vision and mission statement, and clarify your passion.
  • Monthly Online Tutorial with your tutor - 1 hour We provide access to many resources through our online library for students. These resources are used by successful entrepreneurs, and as part of this school, they will be yours to access and use. Some Further Reading and Audio Materials:
  • The Science of Getting Rich.
  • Acres of Diamond.
Step 3
  • Clarify and research your market.
  • Shaping your products to fit the requirements of your target market.
  • Put together your business plan.
  • Put together your dream team - starting the process.
  • Using visualization, affirmation and meditation to help you build your inner wealth.
  • Put together your personal development and financial development goal plan.
  • Monthly Teleseminar. Some Further Reading Materials:
  • Think and Grow Rich.
  • The Master Key To Riches.
Step 4
  • Understand the financial dynamics of your business.
  • Put together your financial forecasts – profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheet.
  • Understand what it takes to raise finance and how to source for finance.
  • Account for your pennies and being money wise.
  • Monthly Teleseminar. Further Reading & Audios:
  • The Richest man in Babylon.
  • The Science of Getting Rich.
  • The ABC of making money.
  • Access to grant finder resources.
Step 5
  • Introduction to marketing.
  • Marketing and selling skills- how to develop them.
  • Understand marketing strategies.
  • Putting together your marketing plan.
  • Copyrights.
  • Monthly Teleseminar. Further Reading and Audio Materials:
  • Jay Abrahams Marketing Mastermind.
  • Jay Abraham Referral Program.
  • Dan Kennedy’s resources.
Step 6
  • Understand Leadership and what it means for you as a business owner.
  • Managing yourself and others.
  • Value yourself and others.
  • Monthly Teleseminar. Further Readings & Audios:
  • Time Management skills.
  • Building your “Self Confidence.”
  • Influencing skills.
Step 7
  • Sell to public sector organizations in the UK.
  • Put together your policies.
  • Managing your relationships.
  • Monthly Teleseminar. Further Reading and Audios:
  • My Business Is My Business and BSS’ audios.
Step 8
  • Creating multiple sources of income.
  • Understand principles of creating information and audio products.
  • Understand how affiliate programs work.
  • Put together some information products.
  • Monthly Teleseminar.
  • Further reading and BSS’ resources.
Step 9
  • Selling online - what does this mean?
  • Put together a website.
  • Optimize your website
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Take action to put together your website for your first business.
  • By this time, we expect you would have developed your business idea and put together a business plan, especially for something you are passionate about. And one that is viable! We expect at the very least you will have a number of information product ideas that you can use alongside your business idea to start the process of developing your multiple sources of income.
  • Monthly Teleseminar. Further Reading or Audio Products.
  • Various reading materials of BSS and its associates / strategic partners.
Step 10
  • How to source products from wholesalers and manufacturers to sell online.
  • How to drop-ship for profit.
  • How to find affiliate products.
  • Taking action to put your first drop-shipping business together. Further Reading and Audio Materials:
  • BSS’ and associates products.
  • Multiple sources of Internet income.
Step 11
  • Registering your business.
  • Finalize your team.
  • Protect your business.
  • Prepare for business cards or general marketing materials.
  • Sourcing finance - we link you up to banks we work with, as well as, private investors and grant sources in Europe.
  • Design your website.
  • As a reward for getting this far, we offer you one year free domain name for one website - plus one month free hosting.
  • Special offers and discounts available for other services to support you in starting your business.
Step 12
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Review and complete your website.
  • Monthly Teleseminar.
  • Free 30-minutes consultation with a qualified coach.
  • Invitation to a formal celebration evening.
  • Free or reduced priced access is available for all resources required as part of these products.

Benefits Of Our Program:

  • Immediate access to expert coach who will answer questions you have and guide you in developing your business ideas into profitable products and services. Your queries are answered promptly via email or by phone.
  • Immediate access to professional websites of your own choice at competitive price range including  ecommerce websites .
  • Immediate access to lots of products to sell online via wholesalers and dropshippers
  • Learn how to sell online and offline using top quality resources that will otherwise not be accessible with your current budget.

To order products that we have used to help us start many businesses  scroll down this page.

Pick up the phone and contact us today, or order a copy of your resources today to begin your successful journey: Invest Today
Remember the benefits of our business start up coaching programme
  • Top quality advice from experience business owners and advisors. You have opportunity to ask questions and get answers via our forum and teleseminars.
  • High quality support to help develop your business ideas, and access finance directly from our network of contacts.
  • Provide support for business plan - a savings of £££££££/$$$$$$ and you will learn what the banks are looking for in business plans before you approach them.
  • Access to a wealth of good quality resources worth over ££££££/$$$$$ if purchased as individual investment- resources come in the form of videos, audios, dvd, ebooks etc
  • Receive a considerable competitive edge. You will soon have access our top notch wholesalers, manufacturers and many other high quality resource providers offering dropshipping service.
  • Save time and money with increased probability that you will accomplish your goals. You also get a free domain name of your choice and three months free hosting for any website we develop for you.
Call Us Today To Find Out More About Our Various Packages If You Are An Ambitious Entrepreneur Ready To Invest In Yourself.