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Financial Consultancy Services To Access Finance For Growth

Supporting SMEs, Micro Enterprise,Social Enterprise and Charities To Access Finance For Growth

BSS offers client superb access to finance support to help them source and find suitable finance for growth successfully. Whether you are operating in the private, social enterpriseor third sector, we can support you to raise and access finance to improve your cashflow and get on with your business activities. It might be that right now you are just starting a new business, or you area young and growing business, or an established private organisation,  charity or social enterprise in need of finances for business development and growth; it matters not. It's time to give your business the ultimate growth it deserves. We can help you locate appropriate funding sources for your business through a network of funders - grant funders, lenders, investment professionals and government agencies in the United Kingdom.

We are a business support services organisation working with government funded lenders and grantors as well as,  independent business advisors with special knowledge in sourcing and raising funding for businesses in the private, third and social enterprise sector. Through our database which members in our business development support programme can access, we source and introduce clients to appropriate grant funding bodies, lenders and equity investors that are looking for opportunities to maximize their investment through business venture and property investment.We have a track record in helping businesses raise finance. We also offer training solutions in all aspects of business finance and access to finance solutions. Whether you have been turned down by a bank and have no collateral we can assist you through government funded programmes. Right now billions of pounds are available to help businesses access finance.  What you need to do is simply complete the online application form below and we will get back to you within 72 hours.Please pay specific attention to our fees for different types of services we offer. This is not a free service.

We are affiliated with a number of financial brokers, high street, MFIs and private banks. We are also an approved partner of many government support agencies, offering finance support to micro,social enterprise, charities and small businesses including those communities that very often find it hard to raise finance in the traditional way. We also help our clients to identify government grants as part of our support and we assist clients to put together a solid business plan for the purpose of raising finance.

Many start-up, SMEs, charities, social enterpriseand micro firms are unable to access finance after they have been turned down by their banks or main grant funders.This is simply because they areunaware about alternative funding sources and we provide assistance tosuch businesses who need access to funds but don't know how and where to get them. After we have sourced and raised funding for you, we can also help you put together solid developmentstrategies and capacity building training for your business.

Read What One Of Our Clients Have To Say

Thanks a lot for assisting Afab Star International with your business planning services. We have just been awarded grants by Lewisham Local Authority to further our refurbishment work as well as a loan from Santandeer Bank.

~Michael Meme- Business Owner ~Afab Star International

I have been trying to raise finance over the last seven years with no success. After my initial meeting with BSS Management Consultancy, I was still apprehensive but decided to give it ago. Well, to cut long story short, within two months, I got a solid business plan put together by BSS for me. My business plan was submitted to a panel of decision makers by month three. I was pleasantly surprise when my application for loan of £35000 was approved to help me improve my existing business and start expand into a new site. I want to take this opportunity to thank BSS for supporting my business to raise finance.

~Audrey Denise ~Business Owner and Manager ~Early Start and Late Finish Day Care Nursery

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This Is Why You Should Do Business With Us
  • We  offer clients holistic financial support for business expansion/improvement
  • We source the right financing option that suits your particular needs and market  position
  • We have access to lots of financial organisations that provide funding for business expansion
  • We can develop the right business strategy  to help  your business raise the most needed funds.
  • We can help you get your business to be finance ready to improve its success rate
How We Work

    We are a private business and so our services are fee based. We charge two set of fees. A fee for assisting your business to become finance ready and another fee for successfully helping you to raise finance. We may tweak the fee structure depending on the size and nature of the organisation. In order to be finance ready you need a solid business plan articulating your mission, vision and services/products, as well as how they benefit the target market. You need details about your marketing strategy and financial projections (with clear assumptions underpining them) depending on the nature of the funding (grant, loans, equity or a blend of all three). This level of preparation of the paper work is one we assist our client to put together before we approach potential funding organisations. Our business planning services start from £45 upwards depending on your budgets. We have online business planning tools that teach clients how to put together their business plan for finance using templates we offer as part of the programme. We can also offer one on one coaching /consultation in business planning and fee starts from £250, we can also offer a workshop on business planning and fee starts from £250. If you do not know where to source funding, as part of our services we can signpost you to the right funders that are suitable to your needs through our links with lenders. We have access to a bank of funding organisations that we can give you access to through our services. If you approach them directly you can find out if they are the right fit for your organisation and once you have determined the right fit, the next stage is to put together your paperwork which we can assist you to do if you need specialist support in this area. If you do not need specialist support in putting together your application form and supplementary document, you can call upon us to review your paperwork and help improve it inorder to accomplish a high success rate. We charge a one off fee to review your paper work of £75-£250 per application depending on the size of your organisation. For organisations that need to strengthen their internal capacity to put together their funding application, we highly recommend you attend our open courses or sign up to our online courses.

  • If you have a solid and viable business plan we link you up with the right lenders, investors or grant funders. Their is a non-refundable commitment fee for this service of £75. It is the minimum fee for our adminstration of this service. We guarantee that you will be linked to lenders that are suitable for your needs that you will not normally have access to directly. All our network of lenders are FSA registered. They are made up of UK wide High Street Banks, Credit Unions, Micro Finance Institutions, Trusts, Foundations, Private Banks In The UK and Government Organisations. We will review your funding needs and then determine the right funders for you. In short, the key here is to ensure we link you with organisations or investors that you are likely to raise funding from. You will need to forward the following information to us to determine whether we can help you.

    • Your company's financial accounts for the last three years (except for startups and relatively new businesses).
    • Your company's business plan which must include financial projections as required by funders and investors.
    • Details of your marketing strategy and lead officers CV which should be part of your business plan. Remember we can assist you to get the above for an additional fee if you do not have these document in place. We will then invoice you for the commitment fee and upon receiving payment we will submit your information to our lenders who will then determine whether they will lend you the money and at what interest rates. If you are successful at raising finance, you will be liable to pay a fee of the higher of £300 or 1% of the amount raised. In short, your fee will start from £300 upwards and it is linked to success rate. For the avoidance of doubt, you are paying us to introduce you to a panel of lenders that are suitable for your needs that you will not normally access. We guarantee that we will lenders that will assist you irrespective of your situation as we work with a variety of lenders. In short we are bound to link you up with the right finanancial institutions CCJ or not. We are saving you time and offering your expert knowledge through our guidance. We are also guiding you with regards the application forms you need to complete ensuring that it is done correctly. You have the responsibility to complete the application form and submit them in line with the funders requirements. You have the responsibility to follow up your application and answer any questions asked. We are effectively a consultant assisting and advising you to aid your success. We only get paid when you succeed. You will have to sign an agreement to the above before we commence any work with you. Only after the neccessary paper work is signed off would we commenced work with you. All non refundable commitment fee must be paid in full before we commence work with you.

    If you do not have a solid business plan we offer you technical assistance to put together your business plan. This is a critical document for funding.

    If you do not have a business plan, we will recommend you prepare one yourself at this time. It will be near impossible to work with you in the absence of a business plan. Visit our online workshop page, where you will find guide on how to put together a business plan for finance. This plan has detailed step by step examples plus samples of business plans that have successfully raised finance.


    If you require us to attend a meeting with funders with you, we charge a fee of £350 (minimum) depending on the location. Some clients need this service. However, it is now always neccessary.To contact us today, send your details via-inquiry form

    Various financing options include:-

    • bullet Business Loans /Micro Finance
    • bullet Lines of Credits 
    • bullet Buy to Let Mortgage 
    • bullet Equity Finance 
    • bullet Grants 
    • bullet Bridging Loans
    • bullet Shariha Compliant Loans
    • bullet Business Start-up Finance 
    • bullet Mezzanine Loans