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Limited Number of Free Workshops For Start-ups and Established SMEs We are running a series of free taster workshops on Steps For Starting Your Own Business -Online/Offline: Learn How To Turn your Passion Into Income .
  • An overview of the foundation for business success
  • Steps for starting a business and tools to use to achieve your goals
  • What it takes to start an online business
  • Common mistakes most entrepreneurs make and how to overcome them
  • Where to find finance for your business and an overview of funders requirements
  • Supports available through BSS Management Consultancy and how to access them

The dates of the workshops are:

  • 10 June 2010 2.00pm-4.00pm
  • 9 September 2010 2.00pm - 4.00pm
  • 9 December 2010 2.00pm -4.00pm

Venue - Westminster Reference Library, St Martin Street, Charing Cross.
Book now to avoid disappointment . We will confirm your place at these events one week before the event.
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Free Workshops for Established Small and Medium Sized Businesses-Limited spaces available

We are holding a number of specialist workshops designed to assist eligible businesses who desperately need support to safeguard a job or create new jobs before 30 June 2010. These workshops are free of charge to eligible businesses but due to the limited spaces available we want you to demonstrate your commitment to attend the workshop that will benefit your business. 

Please scroll down the page to read the eligibility criteria carefully before signing up for the workshop. To secure your place at these workshops we request that you pay a refundable deposit of £30 by cheque. Your cheque must be made payable to BSS Management Consultancy. Your deposit will be refunded within one week after attending the workshop. If you do not turn up at the workshop your deposit is not refundable. Each workshop will be followed up by an additional 30minuites support, which will be face to face, by telephone or via video conference at your discretion.

To register, please complete the online form on this website stating clearly the workshop you want to attend as well as the date (You can only attend one of the three workshops) and please remember to secure your booking by sending your cheque to BSS Management Consultancy, 2 nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY.

  • Winning Contracts and Sub-contracts-

    Date 11 May 2010 | Time- 10.00am - 4.00pm | Location -Waterstones. 203-206 Piccadilly, W1J 9LE
    This workshop is designed to assist businesses who are seeking opportunities to grow their business through the public sector and urgently need to understand steps to take to boost their success rate.

    Scope of the workshop:

    • Strategies for selling effectively via ‘Pre-qualification Questionnaires’ and ‘Invitation to Tender’ forms (PQQ and ITT)
    • How to confidently present your proposal to a public sector buyer
    • Exploring the reasons for the different policies required to bid successfully for public sector contracts and how to utilise them in your bid -Environmental, health and safety, quality assurance and equal opportunity
    • How to expand the number of public sector buyers you sell to without going through the formal bidding process and excessive costs
    • How to use bidding portals intelligently to maximise your selling potential to the public sector market and much more
    • Where to find more public sector contract opportunities and stop paying for tender alerts
    • How to obtain and use feedback from past bids in-order to improve the future outcomes of your bids
    • How to source effective partners and form consortium for future bids
    • How to undertake due diligence before formalising partnership and how to manage joint venture risks.
    • How to manage contract performance and relationship effectively
  • Sourcing and raising business finance for growth :

    Date- 25 May 2010 | Time – 10am -4.00pm| Location- Waterstones. 203-206 Piccadilly, W1J 9LE
    This workshop is designed to assist businesses desperately in need of working capital finance and/ or business finance for growth learn strategies for sourcing and raising finance successfully.

    Scope and contents of the workshop:

    • Different sources of finance
    • Pros and cons of the different sources of finance
    • Understanding the right finance strategy for your business 
    • Exploring the different requirements of grant, equity and loan funders 
    • Review of the different appraisal and application forms of different funding agents 
    • How to plan and prepare effectively before approaching funders 
    • How to put together a robust business plan 
    • Understanding sensitivity analysis and financial ratios 
    • Where to source grant, loans and equity finance in the UK 
    • Practice sessions 
    • Evaluation and close
  • Marketing strategies for business growth

    Date- 14 May 2010 | Time- 10am – 4.00pm | Location – Waterstones. 203-206 Piccadilly, W1J 9LE
    This workshop is designed to help participants learn skills for marketing and selling their services effectively online and offline.

    Scope and contents of the workshop:

    • Definition of marketing and identifying your target market Researching customers to identify needs and wants for effective product development Exploring the different market research methodologies and device action plan for your business
    • Learn the different strands of online marketing starting from website design and optimisation of your website
    • Learn how to generate targeted traffic to your website using proven techniques that will improve your database and optimise your sales income
    • Learn strategies for writing an effective sales letter to improve conversion in your direct marketing and online marketing effort
    • Developing effective marketing strategies such as referral marketing  to boost and expand sales income
    • Understanding the marketing mix and what it means for your overall marketing strategies
    • Exploring the essential components of marketing plans in-order to put together one for your business
    • Develop a customer centric business Marketing products effectively on the web; what works and what doesn’t

    Eligibility :

    • You must have been trading for eighteen months or more and your business is based in London.
    • You must inform us about the job this support will safeguard  in advance of attending the workshop
    • You must confirm your business has not received public grants of more than 200,000 euros over the last three years and agree to complete a signed declaration form to that effect
    • You commit to complete forms stating you received support from us to help you safeguard a specified job or jobs or to create new jobs by 30 June 2010.
    • You commit to write a standard letter confirming you received the support from us that helped you safeguard a job or create a job. A sample of the letter will be sent to you before the workshop.
    • All the above paper work should be completed on the day of the training is received

    Venue - Waterstones. 203-206 Piccadilly, W1J 9LE