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Gods Love Is Not Like Human's Love

It was a psalmist that said this but it matters not who said it if it was inspired by GOD. What is important is he deep spiritual meaning behind this statement- Unless the Lord builds a house the labor in vain that builds it. What is ' The House' and what is The 'Lord'. As I lay down listening to all that came through I wondered why this has come to me at this time. Well all too often we think that this statement is about building earthly house and we miss the essence of the deep spiritual truth of what 'House' means and what 'Lord building the house means'. No one has ever seen God building a corporeal or earthly house. We engaged contractors to do so and so this has nothing to do with earthly building of house.
So what is it all about. Here is what was revealed and I was left lying down in bed as all this was poured down as though I need to know this now for some strange reason. The spirit reveals to me that this simply means that nothing that humanity builds in the earthly sense or corporeal sense will stay forever unless it was built out of LOVE. Right, LOVE- that is the last thing I want to hear right now. Yes LOVE. What is LOVE I asked. LOVE is God and nothing that we build outside the intention in opposition of LOVE as God is, will last. So what is GOD and What is LOVE?. Well, GOD is the underlying force that governs the entire creation in the universe. That underlying force or energy is the intelligence that embodies all the laws of creation. Creation is broaden than you see right now. You perceive with five senses but as you develop the others you will know what lies behind what you perceive now. That underlying universal intelligence and force of energy call it what you may have nothing but LOVE embodied within it and if that intention is missed in our day to day work all that we do is worthless and useless and won't stand. We might as well not do it. So how do I know I am working in LOVE . Well the intention behind all you do. If the intention is to bless and uphold humanity and I mean humanity as a whole (not your country men or women or your household alone) then the act is supported by LOVE and that is the Lord building the house and it will stand. If the intention is not to support humanity but self or a group of people at the expense of others then all that is built is worthless and nothing will stand. It will rut and waste and humanity's effort will count for nothing.
Right, as if I want to know this right now. So another thought came. Do you really know what LOVE is. Do you know why humanity is on earth. No I do not know. Right now why do I want to know was my spirit response. OK, humanity was created and put here on earth to learn the act of LOVE. All that humanity complains about was sent to them as a test to show were they are in their journey of LOVE. Well, I know that the definition of love as we know it in the earthly sense is screwed up. It is twisted and nothing more than the act of self gain. Even when we give to others and believe we are doing charity work it is not LOVE. Why, because we are getting something in return and it is not LOVE. So you mean when I was giving the thythe in Church and the food to the hungry and all sorts that was not LOVE. Yep. Why? Because you were gaining pleasure and recognition from it. You cannot LOVE and gain from it. That is GOD's LOVE. LOVE is giving without receiving anything in return. The capacity to LOVE is one that humanity can attain when they rise up above their ego which your church call SATAN and others call EGO and others call EVIL. That capacity cannot be created in you until you ask for it when your self will an all your self help books disappoint you to a point of utter helplessness. LOVE is GOD. God gives unconditionally. God does not expect anything in return. GOD is a complete act of bestowing without expectation of anything. Right, that is it. But I cannot do it. Why can humans not LOVE like that. Well, GOD created human to LOVE but put obstacles in their path in opposition of LOVE. Your church call it SATAN and SECULAR WORLD and others call it EGO. Like children, you are put here to rise above the EGO, the SATAN in you. Yes in you, is GOD and SATAN and you can say this mean LIFE or DEATH. You can choose which one you want at anytime. That is how humanity is engineered. GOD which is nothing but LOVE wants you to choose LOVE. But won't force you. It is up to you. However, unless you build with the intention to LOVE the labor in vain that builds it. It is a law. No one can twist the arm of God to change that law. God is not a respecter of person. GOD is LOVE and GOD is Law. A fish cannot wake up in the morning and say I fancy going to stay on land and not die. Why? God did not create the fish for living there. A bird can stay in water for long and not die. Why? God did not create that bird for sea living. So in the same way, you must understand the laws that God has designed for the creation of the universe cannot be changed just because you or anyone wants to change it. That why the sages say, GOD IS ALPHA AND OMEGA. GOD IS UNCHANGING THE BEGINING AND THE END. Simply, God which is the universal intelligence have laws which those who draw near to him have access to as he choose to reveal according to their willingness to obey.
Right, why am I being told all this. You will know this truth. All that you complain about is nothing more than your LIFE EXAMINATION towards the journey of LOVE. You see, you were put here to learn LOVE. When you complain you are saying ' I do not have the capacity to LOVE that other person'. Why because it is not about the other person, It is about your reaction to the other person. That is how GOD sees everything. Everything you see as problem God sees as GOOD. Why? Because God's intention is for you to Grow and become the quality of him. Your false belief that you have grown and become like God is tested with these so called obstacles. So when you complain, you simply are saying, I have not got the capacity to LOVE that person I am complaining about. When you see what you complain as an opportunity to show COMPASSION, now you are saying that I LOVE YOU. I JUDGE YOU NOT. The only way you can be compassionate is through a new creation in you. That new creation is the CHRIST MIND. That new creation is one that GOD bestows on MAN according to their willingness to give up the OLD MIND- The evil mind (which means the mind that is anti-christ or against the quality that GOD upholds). That what true born again means. Not your false talk of words that your heart is far away from. That is why that teacher you know said to you 'You cannot mixed OLD and NEW wine'. A culture that is not in congruent with GODs LOVE will keep you out of LOVE and yield the benefits of ANTI-LOVE. Your teacher JESUR THE CHRIST, was pointing to the CHRIST MIND and The Anti- CHRIST MIND. Notice he was not talking about himself. He embodied the CHRIST MIND and he earned the name JESUS CHRIST. He was pointing to something deeper which he has attained and want you to attain. He was talking about what the end result of your journey here is. The fact is your capacity to have that CHRIST MIND is there for you to uphold. But you must recognise where you are and want it badly enough. Because if you do not have this CHRIST MIND, then you cannot LOVE. That is why another great teacher said, no one can LOVE GOD without first loving their brother. Why? Because your brother was sent to you as a gift to trial LOVE. When you LOVE your brother the way GOD loves then you demonstrate LOVE for God. You cannot bypass this process. You can run and run and run but that is it. When you find yourself not able to LOVE the great teacher also taught you a lesson and said that you should ASK and it will be given to you. That is the law of asking. Yes such a law exist. This is not religion. This is about understanding the deeper spiritual laws that govern the universe just like the law of gravity and aerodynamics. When that great teacher taught you that the greatest amongst you will be those that are servant. He did not mean those cleaning the church building, working as urshers etc. All those activities are corporeal and earthly and necessary. But they can be done out of LOVE or anti LOVE. They can be done begrudgingly and with the intention to be seen by others and for all sorts of EGO reasons. Don't make the mistake of thinking that is what servanthood means. It has a deeper meaning than that. It means that you are to LOVE. It takes LOVE to uphold another as GOD sees them. That is act of servanthood in the spiritual law. It takes LOVE to see another as GOD sees them and that is act of servanthood. Yes and there is one more thing you must understand. Do you remember what that great teacher also said to you. He said, let your light so shine that men will see you and glorify your father in heaven. Oh dear, you thought that your father is in the sky and hiding there. You are mistaken. Your father is within you. Yes. When you demonstrate LOVE, which is your FATHER's quality, you point others to their father. Think about it. You can never make a dime difference to this world unless you become like your father. Unless you demonstrate the quality of your father effortlessly and that means unless you become the creature that LOVE in the GOD way. And then you will learn that all that you build from that space of LOVE will last forever. Nothing built outside the space of LOVE will succeed. Now you know, choose LOVE. If you lack the capacity to LOVE in GODs way, then evoke the LAWS OF ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. Don't get religious. Stay out of religion thinking. Keep it simple. This is simply the laws of the universe. You can reject it or uphold it. It won't make a dime difference because truth will always be truth regardless of what you say or do about it. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
'Unless The Lord Builds A House The Labor In Vain That Builds It'. Remember, to check the intentions behind your actions. That is what determines the outcomes of your work. We can fool man but not GOD. God is the univeral intelligence underpinning all creation. Take out your religious mind and learn the truth of what that name means.

MD of Business Services Support Limited

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