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The Prodigal Son- The spiritual truths revealed

 The Prodigal Son- The spiritual truths behind this story
This is one story that many have heard in churches throughout the world and so, way too many people have a Sunday school mentality about this story. Of course, children are mean't to be taught like children and my days as a Sunday school teacher made me realised I could not have shared this story other than the way many knew it then. There are spiritual laws embedded in this story and mature individuals may well understand them as they read through this article.
The story goes something like this:
A son made a request for his inheritance and after receiving it went into a far country where he wasted it through riotous living. The son eventually found himself in the position of lack and ended up eating swine meals. It easy to visualise this story from the corporeal sense but my God, there is more to it than the story itself. The story continued like this. One day the prodigal son woke up to his senses and made the journey back to his fathers house where he use to have plenty to live on. Then the father whom have always missed the son immediately in rapture of joy organised a party to celebrate the son's returning home. Well, this is like a home coming bash. I won't get into the reaction of the brother who felt betrayed by the fathers actions.
The truth of this is somewhat blinded by our tendency to talk about corporal earthly stories without digging deeply for the spiritual essence or truth of the story itself. This revelation truth will help you if you are ready for it of course. The story is an analogy and behind it is a deep spiritual truth about the state of humanity and his relationship with his creator. When the prodigal son left his fathers house this very statement is deep. It simply means humanity left the consciousness of his father's quality and he assumed a contrary consciousness. His father's quality being love and joy, peace and harmony and a state of perpetual abundance was abandoned through his choice to go to a far land (a consciousness that is contrary to love and joy, peace and harmony). This consciousness that was now his new way of living was deceitfully wrapped up in disguise as a way of living that is pleasurable but yet riotous in that it was to be the same so called 'pleasure living' that will bring him to the point where he was now in utter despair and lack, pain and confusion all of which are fruits of his new consciousness outside his father's house (Gods consciousness). Now here is the deep lesson, the pain we feel is the signal that God injects through man as part of the laws governing the universe, as an emotion that is impressed on the body to communicate the need for a change in direction. However, like most pain, it may be ignored and more sensation of pain inflicted until man's spiritually awake from the dark room of life. Still on the prodigal sons story, it was that same sensation of pain and desperation that woke him up to his senses and then he recognised that something had gone seriously wrong as he suddenly saw the contrast in his life (state of being) and remembered his life (state of being) whilst in his father's house (consciousness of God's quality). That contrast between the impact of the two consciousness was what led him to make his final decision to return back to his rightful abode (true repentance- no one can do this for another man that is another law). Well I want to briefly tie another concept here0 repentance is the precondition for entry the God consciousness living.
Do not make this mistake- the phrase 'Fathers House' is critical. It is possible to be in a church service and be outside the consciousness of God.
Needless to say that religious habit makes us prone to pray about pain without praying for the secret cause of the pain to be revealed to generate the action of repentance (a you turn), which is the cure as perceived by the creator. Pain and suffering can therefore be seen as Gods way of communicating to us to come back to his house. Every day, we interact with others we are either in the consciousness of God or not. We are either sowing the seed of God consciousness in our life or not. Our words and actions are either in consciousness of God and our words can never return to us void because it is either in Gods consciousness or anti God consciousness. We cannot justify being outside Gods consciousness for too long before the laws of nature or God as religion call it kicks in. We cannot encourage others to be outside Gods consciousness enough before the laws of nature kicks in. It is that simple. Why ? The entire universe is governed by unchangeable laws and that too is a law. Life is a choice. We make the choices, justify them and reap the results. It is that simple. We can sow inadvertently and unconsciously the habit of being outside the consciousness of God in the lives of our children who trust us but ultimately, they will have similar sensation of pain and that will give them the ability to wake up and smell the coffee. When we gossip, backbite, complain (God knows I have done my fair share of this recently), abuse others verbally or physically, encouraged others to gossip to us, backbite, complain, fight, manipulate, cheat, lie and all sorts of anti-godly act, we are simply on route to leaving our fathers house for a far country or if we are already out of the house we are simply extending our tenancy agreement with our new landlord (that chritianity call satan or new thought call ego or negative thinking) empowered with the state of being of anti-god consciousness (riotous living). The greatest responsibility given to mankind is to manage his state of mind at every point in time. However that is the last thing we do because it is outside our sensory perception and we lack vessel to do so through lack of exercise from young age. Had we been traine from young to do so, we would have mastered mind control. Only God can give us the strengths to do this. No wonder a great psalmist said, 'I was glad when they said unto me let us go to the house of the Lord'. He was not talking about a building, we think he was but it is much deeper. He was talking about the consciousness of God- the quality to God which is LOVE and JOY and bring gladness to the soul of mankind. So the house of God is the state of God consciousness. In truth, some religious activities are designed to create the perfect atmosphere to create God consciousness- LOVE, PEACE, JOY, HARMONY. However, that cannot be relied upon for sustained God consciousness as it dependency is external and without the church services and meetings etc what happens in the building during the Sunday service or week days meeting will be shortlived and one will immediately go to a far country again even with the best of intentions. Staying in the house of God (consciousness of God) must be man's permanent abode and state of being, if only we are given the vessel of the Christ mind which only the creator can give. This mind is a gift that is given when we truly desire it. Without it, we are trying to act like God, but without the mind of God in us and it will not last. It was that very Christ mind that is the embodiment of GODs being, that made Paul said, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. It was that same mind that is at one with our creator that was in Jesus and made him saw wellness when all around him saw sickness and, he saw abundance when all around him saw lack, he saw wholeness when all around him saw incompleteness. Why? Because he can only see the quality of his father which is abundance, wholeness, joy, peace, harmony, fill in the blank......
Today, may God help us to pray wisely. May God help us to pray for our capacity to cry out for the mind of Christ so that our capacity to stay in God's consciousness will be strengthened. May God help us to pray for our brothers and sisters to assume the capacity to Love correctly after replacing the anti-christ mind with the mind of Christ which is the true vessel from which sustained love will come from. May God help us to be compassionate when we see people in despair and pain but to recognise the true cure is the consciousness of God and that our prayer is to show them that the moment they enter the house of God (not a building please- that is fine but that not what I mean) which is the consciousness of God, all will be well. Why? because we are all made up of powerful creative substance that can only produce what is in our consciousness. I wont go into quantum physics at this stage. I will keep that for sometime in the future when i am led to do so. We cannot manifest what is not in our consciousness and so the prayer should be God bring me to the consciousness of what the truth is about this matter and let me bask in Gods consciousness forever more or the universe's consciousness if you are not religious. Help my brothers and sisters to cry out for the true cure of their pain and take away the veil of separation from their inner eyes so that they will take off the old robe as unsuitable garment for their past and pick up the new robe that was bestow on the prodigal son in his fathers house. That prayer may result in more pain for your brothers or sisters or a you turn depending on where they are. Yes, more pain, because they may need it for true repentance to happen. Maturity requires you to stand firm without feeling pity for them so that their new creation will come forth as if they were being born again in the spirit. You are standing in faith recognising they are on route to vacate the wrong territory. Sadly, unless this knowledge is revealed to mankind, we run like headless chickens talking about the pain and fretting about it all day long and creating imaginary ambulance in our mental world. I was recently privy to be taught by a well known spiritual teacher in Isreal. A well learned man that have journeyed from the west of Europe studying all manner of religion and understand the truth of many of the laws governing our universe. His real word was, when his students complain about pains and confusion he is happy because he knows that the end of the riotous living draws near as the light of God is penetrating deeper into their soul to help them make the change.
The lesson of the prodigal son story is overwhelming if only one spend more time in silence to chew over the essence. No one can make a choice without going through the consequences of that choice. Life is like a bus. There are two buses -One is LOVE and the other is HATE. Love is universal consciousness or God consciousness (quality of being). Hate or Anti Love is the opposite of God consciousness. Each bus is heading for a destination. Bus LOVE is heading for HEAVEN to be religious or Abundance (the modern lingo for heaven in new thought teachings). Bus HATE is heading for HELL to be religious or DISPAIR & LACK (the modern lingo for hell in new thought teachings). All this means, the universe is pre-designed and with specific laws to govern its organisation and nothing can change the law. The results will always be the same. The story of the prodigal son shows that the LACK and DISPAIR ends when the son (you and I) turned to the fathers consciousness of LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, WELLNESS etc. The symbolic meaning of all of this is the robe and the fattening cow as well as the feast. This is why all those who have found the truth and be set free knows that the law of good living is nothing more than - Love thy neighbour as thyself. On this all the other laws hang. And to bring this to a personal note I learnt that the true gift of marriage is nothing more than the capacity to Love as God love. You can never know about your capacity not to love until you live with someone. We can lie all we can but the truth is always the truth. Love is not about our sick romantic corporal perception of love, which is nothing more than giving to receive pleasure of attention, status, control and what not. Love is about mastering the capacity to give pleasure to other without expecting any thing. That is true love. God does not need our money to give us sunlight, air or water. Gods state of being is giving unconditionally.
We live in a society that celebrates the destruction of Gods love which is such a fundamental fabric to building healthy communities. Millions of dollars and sterling is invested trying to resurrect the fruits of the dead without the capacity to do so successfully through the power of love. Every dead that have been resurrected occured through the power of love- Gods ability to bestow without receiving anything in return. The effect was seen by many that marvelled and call it miracle but the mechanism of what engineered the effect was invisible to those without the vessel to perceive at the sixth or seventh level. May God help us to pray for our nation worldwide to love the God way.

Founder of BSS Managemen Consultancy

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