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Procurement Training & Development Services

Business Services Support Limited  Procurement services are designed to assist small and medium size enterprises in the private sector, as well as the social enterprise and third sector  to successfully participate in tendering for public sector contracts and capitalise on the opportunity presented via various free public sector portals across the UK. Support  provided can take the form of one to one consultancy and coaching services, face to face group workshops and online training courses to suit  the budget of organisations and their preferred mode of learning. Business Services Support services in procurement helps those organisation with growth potential, or the capacity and capability, to participate in public sector tendering to win contract. Those who are new to the procurement process will generally find our diagnostic tools will identify weaknesses that need correction and steps by step guidance on how to streamline the gaps in knowledge, capability and capacity to ensure contract opportunities are capitalised.
SMEs make a lot of mistakes when trying to access contract opportunities. One common mistakes is chasing opportunities in free portal that are oversubscribed with very little chance of winning and then paying too much money to so called tender alert services for opportunities that are beyond their capacity because of the financial proportionality rules which many are clueless about. Think about this carefully, an inflation effect is created in any economy where too much money is chasing too few goods. The same applies for SMEs that go chasing few opportunities in oversubscribed marketplace thereby giving buyers the opportunity to hand pick only few of the best in class suppliers in the market. Our support to SMEs is unique  irrespective of the mode of services they choose. We are determined to help SMEs understand the rules of the game and to make an informed judgement of their own unique strengths thereby aligning themselves only with opportunities that are likely to reap rewards by way of high success rate in the bidding process.
Development Support Tendering for Contracts Workshops
Our Tendering For Contract Workshops are  designed to help  organisations win more competitively tendered public sector contracts either as individual organisations or through collaboration. Support will be provided by Business Services Support  business advisers and trainers to individual organisations or groups and will include assistance with capacity and capability development, identifying tenders, costing, planning and completing effective bids.
Tender writing workshops have been designed specifically for the SME sector and are offered at an introductory to advanced level. The content includes topics such as where to find opportunities, procurement terminology, key stages in the process, legal frameworks, what buyers are looking for, how to differentiate your organisation and how to refine a bid and how to read  the psychology behind questions asked in PQQs. Our aim is to help SMEs position themselves  to outshine  competitors and send them home crying. The workshops  include practical elements and is delivered by experts who have hands on experience winning  contracts and have worked with public sector procurement departments in the past.
If you want to learn more about our procurement training course and tendering for public sector contract workshops, why don't you just apply for our workshop today or procurement support development services.

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