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Read What Just a Couple of businesses are saying..

I thought the 'How To Write A Business Plan Course' was excellent, I enjoyed the instruction, the discussion and by the end of the end of the course I had a much clearer sequence of events for getting my business off the ground.  It should also be noted that this course provides the activities that once completed correctly will set the conditions for a successfully run business.

By Joe O'Connor HM Arm Forces

I'd like to say how impressed I was with Sheila's professionalism, business acumen and experience. She was completely focused on our business and the areas that we should be concentrating on (which was totally in tune with my own projections and action plan for the Coffee Shop). She also brought one or two new ideas in that I hadn't thought of which I could see immediately would benefit The Coffee Shop.She listened attentively and gave us relevant feedback and advice without wasting time. I have total confidence in her ability and skills and I feel that her input will make a marked improvement for the business.We left the meeting with many action points and found that the meeting has given us the drive and enthusiasm to move the business forward again as this area had stagnated over the last year.

~Marilyn Lewis NARDS Ltd

Thank you so much for your help yesterday and at your last visit; I feel transformed! Just need to keep it up for the next 21 days now..

.~Thanks again. Steve

Thank you for your very comprehensive business plan, which looks extremely professional. Thanks also for the book – I’m looking forward to reading it.

~Cheers, Ronnie

Hi Just to say thank you very much for a fantastic workshop yesterday. It has definitely fired me up to get going and be much more positive and proactive. I even let a very aggressive moment pass this morning - working already!!! Once again, thank you very much and I look forward to our paths hopefully crossing in the future. With kind regards.

~Lucy Bluebells Therapies:

This is to say THANK YOU for recommending Sheila Elliott to me as a mentor. She made a great difference to my business. She held my hand - obviously not literally - through the tendering process and as a result I have managed to win a sub contract from xxxxxxxxxxx (removed for confidentiality) to refurbish their 'voids'. She helped me with my business plan, my various policies, method statement and risk assessment. I applied to xxxxxxxxx (name of the company removed for confidentiality) with a renewed confidence which really worked.

Audrey Anderson Firstcall Builder PLC

I have been in business for over 7 years and in that time had considered tendering for Public sector contracts but did not feel I had the know-how to put something meaningful together. The information, tips and support provided by BSS was invaluable in bridging this gap and giving me the confidence to put in my first application early this year. I was very pleased that this application was successful thanks to BSS, and I look forward to more successes with their help.

Jacqueline Willams- Business Owner AAA Consultancy Services

I have been meaning to contact you regarding the proposal. I have been successful and will start delivering training contract on 2nd April 2008. So just to say thanks for your help.

~Deslynne Roberts; Managing Director; Arete Consultancy Limited 

Just a quick note to say how good yesterdays ‘Strategic Business Planning Workshop’ at Canary Wharf was. It will really help us organise our thoughts and get some action going! Best regards

Fiona Smith Director Stringer Ltd 151-161 Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich Peninsula,London, SE10 0PW

Dear Sheila,
One thing that I admire about you and that is your integrity. I have met many so called coaches who perhaps do not have the integrity which I go by and it is so admirable to find someone who does. What I like about your talks are the frankness and spontaneity. I feel that it grips the audience and keep them fixed. Your book is a real surprise, well written and versed I feel that I am reading a book by Steve Covey. I am a professional photographer and you are a joy to work with, listen to and read. Keep up the excellent work.

~Darren St Mart Photographer & Business Owner

Sheila is a fantastic speaker!
We were all captivated by her wit and wisdom. She certainly exceeded our expectations as her presence on stage lifted the energy of our audience; this derives from her understanding of psychology and helping people to unlock their true potential. We’re very excited about her coming back to enlighten us again!”

~ Feza Sengul – Founder of

I have just finished reading your book - My Business is My Business.This book is minefield of business knowledge - You do hit the nail on the head in this one. Invaluable information! extremely positive for inspiration and direction - thanks for sharing your ideas.I like to pick a copy for a friend (£12.99). Let me know when you are available in the evening this or next week. Many thanks

Charles Kusi

A very informative workshop which was presented in a very vibrant uplifting manner; not only was the mundane made interesting, it was an insightful look at how to deal with bureaucracy, I left feeling up beat and ready to secure bids.

Michael Smith Purple Results Limited

Thanks for a great and really informative day, during the bidding successfully for public sector contract workshop. I was surprised how much was covered in the session without any feeling of rushing. Additionally it was great to spend the day with such a vibrant mix of people and pool ideas and knowledge. I have already recommended this workshop to my colleagues and have no doubt they will benefit from attendance.

Elen Bradley - Plowman Craven

For a business book it was enjoyable reading - mainly because it's so simple to implement the information. Sheila spoke from a personal and passionate view point which made the book readable.

The Portable Group Limited

Dear Sheila ,
I like your book. I cant believe it. You persuaded me to buy it and im glad I did... I hope you are well? God bless you madame.

Michael-Taiwo Akintunde CEO - Flavour UK Ltd

Business Services Support Limited has provided my business with consultancy services in business and financial planning as well as most aspects of financial management systems. I have always found the business professional in their approach and I am absolutely satisfied with the services received to date”

Samantha Bissonette- Manager of Happy Days Afterschool Club

I was lucky enough to have been given the contact details of Sheila Elliott for assistance with my business. I can honestly say that working with Sheila has been a great help to my business. I found her to be efficient and extremely supportive of my vision. It was Sheila’s encouragement and support that has helped me to develop my business so far. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to her in the future.

Natasha Dennis IAT-Business Owner

Sheila's workshop on bidding for public sector contracts is well worth attending. Her style and content matched my requirements very well and I've already been shortlisted on an open tender.

Clive Bonny - Strategic Business Partners

Marketing Workshop
An Eye Opener- Informative and knowledgable presenter very useful day; helpful for focusing on marketing plan very impressed with Sheila, She kept the session moving well and had many good examples to use from her experience

Simon Baker- Gateway Media

Dear Sheila,
Do please forgive the delay in this email, but just want to thank you so much again for your talk and presentation here last Thursday which was very well received. Everyone who attended enjoyed your talk very much as I hope you saw.See below some of the comments made on the feedback forms very informative. The information complimented that which I had already accumulated .Useful topic, very clear presentation very good. Informative, concise, well delivered,thank you.Very refreshing, inspiring and fairly easy to understand ,very straightforward and good points to finance planning.We would love in the future to have you back again for a further talk and do hope you will keep us in mind for any other talks and presentations you might like to give.We have now a copy of your book here for reference and two copies in our lending libraries too - do hope the book is doing well as it deserves too.Thank you again, hope you have a very good Easter weekend.

Best wishes, Eveleen

Housing Finance For Non Finance Managers It was a great training course, she was an excellent trainer.

Metropolitan Housing Trust- various participants